The BIM Process Difference

Our programs focus on teaching you Building Information Modelling as a process, instead of teaching you the softwares one by one in different difficulties. We teach BIM process, your tools and how to use them, and how to think like a BIM Expert; we fill you with the best practices, teach you industry standards and make sure you're well equipped for any project in any country by training you in the ways of efficiently leveraging the softwares you'd need.


Cecilia Tale

Cecilia Tale

BIM Expert | BIM Consultant

I'm Cecilia Tale, founder of The BIM Process, a Building Information Modelling Learning and Migration Formula. It's a teaching method used for training AEC professionals and helping AEC businesses migrate from 2D CAD to Building Information Modelling easier and more efficiently for less time. ​I use The BIM Process in guiding companies and professionals through BIM. For the last couple of years I've worked as a consultant and coach for different companies and project teams using BIM. I help companies migrate teams and personnels from 2d and 3d CAD to full capacity Building Information Modelling.


Take your career to the next level

After the Workshop you will know: How to properly switch to BIM, How the BIG companies integrate BIM in their workflow, The BIM process and how it can give you the advantage in your career! And much more!

Social proof: testimonials

“The BIM course is good start and big help for me as an Architect. Now the technology / soft wares / gadgets etc. are becoming complicated so I have to update and follow the trend of the Industry to up uplift my profession. Thank you very much and more power.”

Samuel Aycardo

“You explained well what really BIM is all about. It was very informative and helpful on how to effectively switch from traditional engineering ways to BIM concepts.”

Brian James Ata

“Even though I'm not involved in BIM yet, I already know the concept before. But you made it all clear what the BIM actually means and what are the importance of it for our country ( really need it badly). The whole seminar made me inspire to embrace BIM and push further to learn every aspect of it. Thank you so much for the lesson!”

Miguel Lorenzo Ardina

“ I would like to thank you for giving this free Introductory course about BIM Process. I hope that your course could lead the way for our AEC industry to set a new standard so building design, construction, and coordinations would be much more faster, and cost efficient. More power to you!”

Gino Marie Cruz Velez

“Hey there, dear you have no idea how much helpful and important this course was for me. Since I'm less affording so you provided a plot where I can get knowledge where I was confused in. You actually cleared my blurred patches regarding BIM. I have my research topic on BIM and I badly was confused with in it, but you cleared it. Bless you, that's a lot.”

Heer Soomro